Shinola 360 with Luke Wilson Takes Home The Lumiere Award

Shinola 360 with Luke Wilson took home a Lumiere Award this past week for Best VR Branded Experience. The 8th Annual ceremony was held in Hollywood at Warner Bros. Studios.

Our DP, Celine Tricart, and EP, Taylor Williams were in attendance to accept the award. It's such a great honor to be a part of the team that helped bring it to life. I'll be talking with Celine at some point for her new book on VR.

More on what the Lumiere Award is:

“The Lumiere Award has been delivered to the world’s leading creative and technology leaders, including: Martin Scorsese, Ang Lee, James Cameron and others.  Created by the renowned designer, Ellen Frances, and manufactured by R.S. Owens, makers of the Oscar and the Emmy, the Lumiere serves as the industry standard for recognizing outstanding achievement in cutting edge content and technology.”

Click on the image above to play the 8th Annual Lumiere Awards Highlight Video.

Click on the image above to play the 360 video.

“A fun 360° video from Reel FX full of shenanigans with Luke Wilson on a tour of the Shinola Factory in Detroit.”

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