Film Pitch for Devices heads to Big Vision Empty Wallet in New York

My friend Terence Bernardo has been writing a screenplay for a feature length project for a few years along with Lori Chodos called Devices. Now it is one of three projects chosen to pitch at Big Vision Empty Wallet, a great film incubator program promoting diverse stories and artists in partnership with the Writers Guild of America East.

A few years ago, Terence and I came up with an idea to create a mood trailer for the screenplay (swipe left or click on bio) after going through a reading of it. I was inspired by Director Rian Johnson’s (thank you @riancjohnson) pitch trailer for Looper and having done many pitches in the ad biz, I thought it’d be a great editorial exercise. Terence did the sound design and music curation.

Many days and night were spent at Premiere Video (R.I.P.) doing research. Lots of hair was pulled and many befuddled looks were given from testing groups (thanks, unsuspecting friends) until we ended up this trailer. The piece became a part of the pitch deck (beautifully designed by Ed Nacional) where some awesome people gave great feedback.

It’s been great to see Terence get more and more support on his project’s little journey. And hopefully it’ll see the light of a DP setting up a real scene one day soon. It’s a cool milestone nonetheless.

This synopsis from @bigvisionemptywallet | Spotlight on Incubator Film: DEVICES. “When a desperate writer poses as a woman’s therapist for inspiration, he becomes obsessed and grows increasingly distant in his marriage. Meanwhile, his wife secretly wrestles with an unexpected pregnancy and must confront her dilemma alone.” A narrative feature film Written by Terence Bernardo and Lori Chodos, Directed by Terence Bernardo, Produced by Michael Cuomo, Michael Gray and Myriam Schroeter. #bigvision#devices #indiefilm #supportindiefilm

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