Houston Astros Reach Out for 2020 Season

The Astros reached out to me to use a short clip in a commercial to promote the upcoming season. I didn’t know what part they would use. But as a lifelong fan, I wanted to show support after what has been a winter of discontent.

Cheaters. Conspiracy. Hubris. Intrigue. Betrayal.

Never in a million years would any Astros fan have thought it could have been worse than blowing a lead in a game seven at home in the World Series, but it happened. What transpired was an unimaginable turmoil of tin foil hats, hot takes, and people losing their jobs and reputations in a winter’s fortnight because of a 100+ year-old act, sign-stealing. Couple that with it having lifted the spirits of a city who experienced a 500 year flood and you have a recipe for a deluge of emotions that could only be found in a murky bayou by the Gulf of Mexico.

And how can you really reconcile all of it? As James Baldwin once took reference to in scripture, “The Fire Next Time.”

But for now, “Play Ball.”

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